The steel reinforcement bars (or rebar as its commonly referred to) in the pool to increase the tensile strength of the pool shell. Without the steel, the pool shell would be much more apt to crack under the force of the water and soil against it. Concrete has great strength in compression, but it has little tensile strength. Steel has great tensile strength, so the two are combined whenever large amounts of concrete is present. The combination of the two is called reinforced concrete. 

The plans drawn up by the structural engineer and lay the steel according to the schedule. The structural engineering plans are important because they let us know what kind of steel reinforcements are necessary at each location throughout pool due to extra surcharging forces. Most steel builders use the same diameter of steel, however the amount of steel varies depending your local soil and climate conditions.



If you are building a concrete pool, reinforcing steel must be installed after the plumbing is complete. The steel is installed in a grid pattern following the requirements of the engineering calculations. Steel bar size can range from 3/8" diameter to 3/4" diameter depending on the requirements. 3/8-diameter steel reinforced rebar to be placed throughout the pool structure. There will be rebar on the bottom of the pool, up the sides around the skimmer, and into the bond beam.



Concrete spacers insure the steel is not against the wall or the floor of the pool. This system allows shotcrete to be evenly distributed under and above the steel @ 7” – 12” pending engineering of your pool and to insure the structural integrity for the life of your pool.

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