ColorScapes® High Performance Blend Pool Finishes are created with ColorScapes® Ceramic Coated Quartz Crystals for uniform color and a better pool finish that is easy to install and looks great every time.

ColorScape is ceramic coated colored quartz crystals are considered to be an aggregate, or textured surface. They have the advantage of creating a durable surface that is harder and more resistant to fluctuating chemical conditions than standard white plaster. This is due to the fact that Quartz is one of nature's hardest minerals. ColorScape offers these quartz crystals in a wide variety of colors. These colored crystals can be combined with white or colored plaster to create a multitude of looks for your finished pool. Many factors such as pool size, shape, depth, surrounding landscape, sun exposure, and even time of day will play a role in the resulting water color of your pool. There is no way to determine an exact color that your pool water will appear. We can help you select blends of quartz and plaster coloring that will sway the color and tone of the water in your desired direction.

The first thing you need to know about color quartz is that the final product will depend heavily on the skill of your installers and the proportions of color that are used in your plaster. The next thing you need to know is that the plaster will not look great right away, but will take one to two years before it reaches its full cosmetic value.

The color quartz crystals add speckles of color to your plaster. The best way to describe how it will look finished, is to compare it to a brand of life saver candy. The wintermint candies are white with tiny speckles of green. When you look at it up close, you see that 80-90% is base plaster color (usually white) and 10-20% is small colored speckles. From further away the plaster will look less like the base color and more like the crystal color - especially for white plaster.

Once you have the plaster completed you will have an acid wash done to remove some of the mortar hazing and reveal the aggregate. This is a delicate process and many pool contractors over acid wash leaving the plaster rough and porous. This is because so many pool owners are unhappy with the newly plastered colorquartz as the effects are very suddle at first. Considering this is a rather expensive upgrade many people are underwhelmed with the finished result. Over time the color will reveal more and become more apparent.

 ColorScape plaster is as smooth as plaster gets. The smoothness of your plaster is a direct result of the plaster skill of your installers. I read all the time about people saying plaster is rough to the touch. Plaster is only rough to the touch if it is not installed well, or if it is acid washed too heavily.  When MSN Pool Plasters, The plaster  we do for concrete pools is as smooth as a babies bottom.

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