What is the process of replastering?

Here at MSN we  replaster or remodel residential and commercial pools. Our process of re--plastering a pool is to roughen up the existing plaster so rough that the new coat has a 100% bond, and or we remove the old plaster if it is loose. We call this stripping/chipping.



After that we inspect to make sure the pool is ready for the new plaster. We pressure or wash the surface and make sure it's free of dust (this is key in achieving 100% bond). 

All products have a special bonding agent added to also insure 100% bonding). We then re-plaster the pool and fill immediately.

A start up is needed after pool is full of water. Start up basically consists of getting all the needed chemicals back in the water and getting the equipment up and circulating. All areas of the pool with plaster will need to be brushed down (after full of water) to eliminate plaster dust from sticking. Plaster dust occurs due to a chemical reaction taking place when water meets new plaster.


Coping,Tile,Plaster To Get Your Finish Your Looking For!

Here at MSN POOL PLASTERING we are experts in the application of all types of plaster and pride oursleves on our workmanship and professionalism.

There are several excellent options for your pools finish.

From the traditional white plaster- blue- tan- variety of greys, to the colorful Scapes ie: Color, Quartz, Stone & Jewel exposed aggregate pool finishes we add, we can do it all.

We can add a variety of colors to traditional plaster or we can use any of the fabulous colors from Diamond Brite™ or Colorquartz Call us today to discuss what will work best for you.